It’s our pleasure to announce that we are now opening The Art Spot to co-working artists! This is your opportunity to clear the art supplies from the kitchen table and make your art in a bright, open space where you can spread out and enjoy the mess. We now offer two different types of co-working opportunities:

Studio Co-working Basic

  • Full access to the Studio M-F 9am – 4pm
  • Plenty of table space to spread out
  • Studio equipment available for use
  • A fun, encouraging community to work with

Studio Co-working Premium

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the Studio
  • Personal Storage for your supplies
  • Plenty of table space to spread out
  • Studio equipment available for use
  • A fun, encouraging community to work with

The Studio is open Monday through Friday from 9am – 4pm.
Because The Art Spot is a one-woman circus, I reserve the right to update/alter these hours at any time. My schedule may evolve, I might have errands to run, or other business demands to meet. You’re always welcome to text to make sure I’m here before arriving.

We ask that you abide by CDC guidelines and stay home if you are not well. Please keep your distance, wash your hands when you enter, as well as clean your work area and any studio tools with the provided Clorox cleaner. 


  • As with any type of shared space, please be respectful of the supplies, space, and work of others. Please don’t touch any work without permission, and don’t share supplies unless you’ve got permission from the owner.
  • Equipment: I’ve worked very hard to earn all the equipment available at the studio, and I’m very pleased to be able to share it with you. Please make sure to leave all equipment clean after you use it, and report any issues as soon as possible. Available equipment includes paintbrushes, potter’s wheel, tables, banding wheels, straight edges/rulers, easels, ream cutter, screen printing press, dark box, light box, light table, various power tools, washout sink, tv, bluetooth speakers, and more.
  • I do have a kiln, and would be happy to fire items for you, however this is not included in the price for either co-working package. Ask me about pricing for firing.
  • Art supplies are not included in the price of either package. You must provide your own. This includes paints, clays, paper, canvas, wood, screen printing inks, etc. The Premium package includes space to store your belongings, otherwise you must bring them in and take them with you upon your departure. I may have some art supplies for purchase, just ask!
  • Earbuds are welcome!
  • We reserve the right to interview and choose applicants based on the data provided in the form below as well as an in-person interview.
  • These details and the guidelines provided are subject to change at the discretion of The Art Spot at any time.

Interested in joining us? Awesome!

Use this form to apply. We will get your application reviewed and get back to you with an answer as soon as we can!

What kind of art do you make?

Which Co-working Package are you interested in?

Questions? Other information you'd like us to know?



Payments: All invoices are due by the first of each month, unless specific arrangements are made with Lindsey. Payments are accepted online via credit card on a secure website, or at the studio with cash (exact change only, please), check made out to The Art Spot, or credit card. Any invoice not paid by the 15th of the month will be subject to a 15% late fee. Please contact Lindsey at with any concerns.

Attendance Policy: While regular attendance is crucial to completing your artwork, we understand life can get crazy, and sometimes you can’t make your class. Make-up lessons are only given for classes missed due to studio closure or severe weather.

Class Time: It is our goal to make sure that your class time is being used the best way possible. For that reason, please make every effort to arrive on time. It is fine to arrive early, but please wait in your vehicle until your class time as there may be another class finishing up. The last few minutes of each class are just as important as any other, and often we are discussing artwork, progress, or intentions for the next week; it can be frustrating to those students to be interrupted by early arrivals. Similarly, please be sure to be there to pick up your students at the end of your assigned class time.

Studio Closures: All planned Studio closures will be announced in the monthly invoice email, as well as discussed in class the week before. However, sometimes things come up, or weather gets in the way, or my own kids get sick, and impromptu closures happen. Every effort will be made to communicate directly with you as early as possible via call or text, so please be sure we have a working phone number on file for you. Also, we will post about last minute closures on our Facebook page, so be sure to follow along there as well.

Referrals: We will offer a 50% discount off of one month of tuition to any referral that results in someone signing up for classes. The new student/parent must sign up for classes and attend, and they must let us know that they were referred by you, so be sure to have them let us know!

Family Discounts: In the event that more than one family member is enrolled, we offer a $10 per month discount for the second and fourth enrollment. Students do not need to be in the same class to take advantage of the discount.

Social Media: We love to celebrate our students and their work on social media! We regularly post images from class, as well as finished artworks on both Facebook and Instagram. However, if you prefer to not be photographed, or don’t want your work featured, please let us know. Be sure to follow us!

Art Supplies: Everything you’ll need for class will be supplied to you as part of your monthly tuition, but if you’d like to start purchasing your own supplies, be sure to let us know! We are always happy to advise you on the best, most affordable supplies for whatever type of art you’re into. We also have resale accounts with many suppliers, and may be able to get a great price for supplies for you!

Parking: Our parking lot is small, however you are always welcome to park in the driveway behind the building, or in the grass behind the building also. Please do not park in the grass in the front of the building.